Gain insight on ways to promote a personalized, member-centric experience for your credit union customer.

There are many ways to intensify membership-building efforts. Still, while most member-driven organizations have established processes for membership growth, these plans often offer little to no benefit without understanding your member and their needs with research.

Learn how member-centric financial institutions can use market research to improve their member experience program: 

  • Identify factors that motivate membership growth
  • Understand why it is essential to invest in your CU members 
  • Learn how to ensure the best possible interaction between your frontline staff and your customer 

    See how we apply qualitative and quantitative methods specific to credit union institutions:

    • Value propositions & segmentations
    • Branding, perception, & awareness
    • Member research
    • Employee engagement
    • Advertising research
    • Website usability

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