Passive data metering can provide your team with actual user behaviour data.

What do you really know about the online behaviours of your target audience or customer?

Our passive metering technology enables us to monitor and assess users' online behaviours to quickly find answers and gather background information like never before. 

Unlock the power of passive data metering: 

  • Insightrix passive data collection technology can aggregate detailed web history, video and audio streaming media and app usage across most mobile devices, tablets and PCs - including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.
  • Learn more about your target clients or audience through monitoring their behaviours online. Insightrix data scientists discover and validate new insights into target groups across a wide variety of research projects. 
  • Daily collection and analysis means you can benefit from behavioural data in either a stand-alone report or in conjunction with other data sets, such as consumer surveys or other customer data. 
  • Insightrix undertakes passive data collection with the informed consent of participants. Following industry standards, we never collect data without participant consent.

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