Insightrix Media Usage Saskatchewan 2018

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digital-campaignhave you ever wondered how Saskatchewan residents use social media?

The Saskatchewan Media Usage report is the first comprehensive study in over a decade to objectively measure and trend media habits and patterns of Saskatchewan residents. A total of 1,500 consumers were surveyed via our online panel, SaskWatch Research®. Quotas were set by age, gender and region to match the distribution of the Saskatchewan population.

Since 2016, Insightrix has tracked specific use of social media and users’ habits in the course of their social lives online. We’ve continued our series with our 2018 Syndicated Media Habits Study. Avoid cross-tabs that include a small number of Saskatchewan residents, or worse yet, that are grouped in the infamous “prairie region”.

This free report is a part of a larger syndicated research study that is packed with data to provide an accurate and representative snapshot of social media usage over time.

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why do businesses need these reports?

This report will provide marketers with the necessary insights into what steps they must take to enhance their customers’ online experience, and to increase greater engagement in the way their customers want it. 

  • Get an accurate and representative snapshot of media usage among Saskatchewan residents.
  • Examine the usage of traditional versus new media, including social media.
  • Explore generational usage of media, including Trailing Millennials (14 - 25), Leading Millennials (26 - 31), Generation X (32 - 48), Baby Boomers (49 - 67) and Matures (68+).
  • An indispensable tool for digital marketing intelligence in the Saskatchewan marketplace.


The Saskatchewan Media Democracy Report 2018 

This syndicated report provides a multi-generational view of consumer technology, advertising, media, online shopping & telecommunication trends, & suggests what consumer usage & behaviour may be in the future.

What do Saskatchewan residents look for in the online shopping experience? How does this experience impact their overall impressions of the retailer? How concerned are residents about privacy and security when providing personal information? Are residents willing to provide personal information in order to receive advertisements relevant to them? What type of advertisements do residents trust? How does this differ by source – earned, paid, owned?

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