Saskatchewan Social Media Usage 


Saskatchewan Focused - 
Explore the media habits of Saskatchewan residents and benefit from real insights from your real customers.

Have you ever wondered how Saskatchewan residents use social media? With a rapidly growing population who use the Internet to connect, it is important to get a sense of social media platforms used by your target audience in order to create better digital experiences.

  • Uncover real social media usage by Saskatchewan residents
  • Understand exactly how your audience wants to read your content
  • Put real research behind YOUR important digital marketing strategies and stop guessing with third party statistics! 

Since 2015 - in addition to measuring the broad impact and meaning of social media in Saskatchewan - Insightrix has tracked specific use of social media and users’ habits in the course of their social lives online. 



In January of 2017, Insightrix Research® conducted a study in support of past social media usage reports aimed at discovering how Saskatchewan residents use social media.

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