Share powerful customer stories through video research

Adding video responses to your market research project can build on your insights story unlike other qualitative question types. video-insights-qualitative-insightrix

As an insights agency, we believe it’s important that research participants receive the best survey experience possible. By empowering participants to tell their own stories in their own ways, responses are improved in both quantity and quality.

Adding a video response to your survey can give research deeper context and is a great value for increasing engagement, especially when some open-ended questions can feel exploratory or long-winded.

Bring Your Research Participants to Life With Qualitative Video Insights

  • learn how to engage your participant with meaningful question types
  • learn how video insights can capture the sentiment of your customers
  • explore ways video is used as a form of data collection for market research
  • see how video insights are influential in communicating research results, no matter the audience 

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